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We are driven
by passion.

Susanne Thost of Credo GmbH PR & Communications

Susanne Thost

Susanne embodies two decades of passionate work in healthcare communications. With a diverse background that includes both agency and corporate communications experience, she has honed her skills and developed into the professional she is today. Her journey is driven by curiosity, diligence and an unwavering commitment to progress.

Marco Dal Molin

Marco thrives on the power of effective communication. With a relentless passion for overcoming challenges and driving innovation, Marco is currently exploring opportunities for the application of AI within the healthcare sector. With certifications in agile working, project management and digital marketing, Marco brings over two decades of hands-on experience across diverse domains and projects.

Marco Dal Molin of Credo GmbH PR & Communications


Comprehensive Market Insights

Our extensive knowledge of the Swiss healthcare sector, media landscape and communication habits coupled with our expertise in content creation, ensures your message reaches the right audience effectively.

Profound Knowledge

We possess extensive experience across diverse medical domains including autoimmune disorders, cancer, infectious diseases, diabetes and obesity.

Multilingual Excellence

Our multi-cultural background enables us to create high-quality content in multiple languages, eliminating language barriers and ensuring consistent wording.

Methods of working

Our agile approach is ingrained in our work culture. With certifications in Communications, SAFe SPC, IPMA, Six-Sigma and Digital Marketing, we are committed to delivering the highest quality outcomes efficiently.

For us, working means the seamless fusion of profession and passion.